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Live events

In the realm of live events, content is the heartbeat, and we're experts at making it memorable. 


With a wealth of experience in numerous live events, we've crafted everything from engaging opening and closing films to heartfelt testimonials and stories from within the business. 


Our approach ensures a complete end-to-end experience for your audience. Beyond that, we collaborate with production companies to create immersive experiences that elevate the impact of your event. 


Let's make your content shine, and your live event unforgettable.

Case Studies

Corporate event content

We provide a complete live event content service and have created  presentations and event films for hundreds of live events over the last 25 years 

Event visualisation

in addition to creating multimedia content, we also offer 3d visualisation of live events for the planning and pitch phases of the project

A Selection of Our Clients

Ds Smith
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